Stats and skills for all fighter types

3 Main Character Types


  • (S) characters stack DEX and SPD in order to have high speed. They attack first and many more times than slower characters. More opportunities to attack means more chances to proc skills. 
  • (S) characters most often use stun lock and drain skills to defeat opponents.   

​(S) Type Common Skill Builds (Including the unlocked sixth skill slot)

  • Anti Triple Dot (Lightning Ball, Thunderbolt Boxing, Fast Move, Blood Sacrifice, Magic Stealing, Cleanse) {Best with WIND mastery characters}
  • Anti Reflect Tank (Assassinate, Blood Frenzy, Blood Sacrifice, Thunderbolt Boxing, Shield Wall, Cleanse){Best with GENJUTSU mastery characters}
  • Anti Hitter-Altria/Llamar (Assassinate, Blood Frenzy, Thunderbolt Boxing, Earthquake, Moving illusion, Revive)
  • Anti Hitter-EVA (Fast Move, Thunderbolt Boxing, Magic Stealing, Moving Illusion, Shield Wall, Revive){Best with GENJUTSU mastery characters}
  • Anti Hitter-Toad (Fast Move, Thunderbolt Boxing, Magic Stealing, Golden Shield, Earthquake, Revive)

​(S) Type Common Stats 


  • (T) characters stack STA and HP in order to endure attacks. Have high tolerance to repetitive damage.
  • (T) characters often use counter, debuff and damage over time skills to defeat opponents

(T) Type Common Skill Builds (Including the unblocked sixth skill slot) Comming Soon

Heavy Hitters(HH): coming soon 


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