The Evil Tower is a PvE instance where you climb a tower, fighting more difficult waves of monsters as you progress.

Unlocks once you hit lv30


The rewards increase as you get further up the tower. Similar to the adventure mode, you can have the option to automatically get battle results (instead of going through the whole fight), allowing you to climb the tower at a faster rate. This makes it easier to get to level 31 ^^

Limited EventsEdit

[Tower Conqueror] This type of event involves a race to the top. The first players to reach a certain level first or by the time the event is over usually receive an extremely powerful weapon (level 61 +10 weapon). The rewards given out for this type of event are based on the level of tower you reach once the event ends.

Tower Guide Edit

This tower guide will start at level 75 (When I have time I will go through and publish the levels prior to this)

LVL 75 | Snow Beast | Stats: ATTK1-777/ SPD2/ HIT 0/ EVA 0/ BRK 0/ DEF 856/CRT 0/RES 500/ SKILLSAnti-Damage Chop/CounterAttack | Hint: Use Wound to do more DAM.

LVL 76 | Eruptible Penguin | Stats:ATTK485-543/SPD103/HIT0/EVA0/BRK0/DEF645/CRT187/RES100/SKILLSEnergy Shield/Earth-Style Wall/Dark Curse/Counterattack/ Heavy Hammer/ Explosive Blow | Hint: Use Damage over time Skills such as Fire and/or Poisonous Fog.

LVL 77 | Eruptible Penguin | Stats:ATTK20-600/SPD162/HIT0/EVA458/BRK0/DEF221/CRT100/RES0/SKILLSPoisonous Fog/ Dark Curse/ Lightning Ball/ Thunderbolt Boxing | Hint: Use Damage over time Skills such as Fire and/or Poisonous Fog.

LVL 78 | Phantom Lord | Stats:ATTK380-443/SPD180/HIT210/EVA339/BRK344/DEF662/CRT331/RES312/SKILLSEarth-Style Wall/ Bacteria/ Fast Move/ Moving Illusion/ Barbarism/Rebirth | Hint: Use Damage over time Skills such as Fire and/or Poisonous Fog. Also Recommend using Earth-Style Wwall if you are more of a tank.

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