Whats the use of gems?Edit

Gems can be embedded in socketed equipment to improve equipment attributes, each weapon can have 3 sockets some types of equipment can only be socketed once. Gems fall into rubies, topazes, and sapphires. They can improve strength, stamina and agility, gems can also be fused and upgraded to augment their attribute bonus.

How to upgrade gems?Edit

Use the fuse function in the forge interface to upgrade gems. fusion rule [1 Main Gem + 2 Identical +0gems], the main gems level will be increased by 1 after successful fusion. Failure will not effect the main diamond but the 2 identical diamonds will be consumed regardless of the result.

The correspondence between the gem level and equipment level.Edit

+1 Gem - Required Equipment Level: 11

+2 Gem - Required Equipment Level: 21

+3 Gem - Required Equipment Level: 31

+4 Gem - Required Equipment Level: 41

+5 Gem - Required Equipment Level:51

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