Legendary fighters evolve when they reach the fusion level of +27. Before spending money, diamonds, reputation points, and time on fusing a legendary, it would be wise to know what they look like.

Spoiler Alert: If you would like to be surprised on what your legendary will evolve into, please refrain from looking further below.


  • 10/29/14 - Pirate D.L. and Shifter evolved legendaries added

Photo Gallery Credits: 

Sushithunder's Findings:

Muramasa +27
Source - Server 15 - Demon

Void +27 Source - CF Facebook Page

Merv +27
Source - Server 15 - Team instance F13

Evil Guan Yu +27
Source - Server 15 - Team instance F14

Jupiter +27
Source - Server 15 - TaeThai
Credit [For Finding] - Herast

Shifter +27
Source - Chaosfighter Forum - ExtremeIan

Pirate D.L. +27
Source - Chaosfighter FB Page

Tysonbob1's Findings:

Sima yi +27
Source - server 4-5 ....... 

Chrome +27
Source - server 4-5 bibieza

Toadmeister +27
Source - server 4-5 tweedcurrie

Freya +27
Source - server 1 VYYK

Llamar +27
Source - server 1 ralapamelia

Saber +27
Source - server 7 MeCloud

Drax's Findings:

Saber +27 after update
Source - Server 7 MeCloud

If any of the users above would not like to be shown, please message me through wiki or coco forums and I will take it down immediately, no questions asked. Thank you & enjoy.

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