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    So you want to become a PURE Speed user? Now, I'm not talking about "This is enough speed to move first in battles, lets work on damage now" type of speed. I'm talking about the kind of speed that makes people say "HOLY SMOKES, I ONLY GOT TO ATTACK ONCE!". 

    This Guide is based on my OPINION. There are MANY ways to go about building speed. Also, Speed is by no means, the ultimate answer-all, way2play build. Nor is any other type of build. This game is entirely Probability(stats), Luck(reforge, procs), and Patience.

    So why pure Speed?  What about the other stats? Won't you lose anyway if you dont even do damage? There are many questions as to why you would even TRY stacking a massive amount of speed. Of course, there will be Pros and Cons, as …

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